OneFrancophone offers you an FAQ,
for the most frequent questions


Why OneFrancophone?

OneFrancophone is the only existing forum dedicated to the OneLife ecosystem

What is Onelife?

OneLife is the first financial education company in the world
through it's educational course we offer the opportunity to become creator of the OneCoin cryptocurrency

How to launch?

Visualized the multiple presentations of the Onelife ecosystem via the official OneFrancophone website

How to create a OneLife account?

Contact us via the contact form on the OneFranchophone website a competent leader will take steps to guide you

What is OneCoin?

OneCoin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to the user of the OneLife community

What is the OneCoin for?

The OneCoin is primarily created to be used through our DealShaker shops

What is DealShaker?

DealShaker is the only e-commerce platform where merchants accept OneCoin around the world.

How to create a DealShaker merchant account?

Contact us via the contact form OneFrancophone a competent leader will take steps to guide you

How to validate are KYC / KYB?

You can make your KYC / KYB quick approval request directly on the OneFrancophone quote which will be sent to our leaders to validate the skills of the validated ones.

What is a ICO?

An ICO is a fundraising event dedicated to the development and market entry preparation of a company as it is.



Last edited: 14/12/2018