OneCoin Overview

What is the OneCoin?


The OneCoin the global cryptocurrency transparent for all with a technology very different from that of Bitcoin in the sense that it favors private investments to regulate its growth.

The OneCoin Blockchain Limits Number of Pieces Create to 120 Billion OneCoins.

Designed for mass-proof transactions, the OneCoin blockchain runs every minute and is designed to meet the needs of merchants.

When production reaches 80% of available currencies, the Onecoin will be released on the public markets, allowing exchanges (buy / sell) all over the world.

There are 120 billion available Onecoin, against 21.7 million Bitcoin.

More people are more the game of supply and demand is interesting, especially for the owners of cryptocurrency, you'll understand.

The placing on the public market is scheduled for October 8, 2018.

In August 2015, the 500,000-member mark was crossed by Onecoin.

In December 2016, members exceeded 2,800,000,

In January 2017, more than 2.9 million members

In March 2017, 3 million members.

In January 2018: We are 3.4 million active members in the Onelife network


The network's commercial Dealshaker site already has more than 90,000 active merchants

This is to tell you the global momentum that is created around this cryptocurrency.

The biggest financial analysts are all of the opinion that it is neither more nor less than the future of the global financial system, the banks and Wall Street are already interested very closely.

The company predicted the value of OneCoin at around € 5 at the end of its first year for a € 0.5 launch.

Estimated estimates have even been exceeded.


At the time you read these lines the OneCoin is 29.95 €


To participate in the creation of OneCoin you must buy a financial education pack.

The financial education pack is available through the OneLife Network.





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Last edited: 14/01/2019