ICO OneCoin

Less than 1 month to launch the most powerful ico


In accordance with regulations that are beginning to apply in many countries.

OneCoin is poised to become the most powerful cryptocurrency in the world.

N ° 1 in capitalization

N ° 1 in community

No. 1 in use as a means of payment

No. 1 in massive transactions (more than 130 million OneCoin in transactions).


Although what happened in January of this year delayed any planning to go out on the public market earlier, nothing prevented OneCoin from achieving these goals.


The ico de onecoin will have 3 "steps":


Step 1 Begins October 8, 2018 (date of sale of tokens or ofcs) Until November 7, 2018 (there is at this stage a high promotion ofcs additional 50%)


Step 2 Begins on November 8, 2018 Until 7 December 2018 (Promotions decrease to 40% additional ofcs or tokens)


Step 3 Begins December 8, 2018 Until January 7, 2019 (30% extra in tokens or ofcs)


During this quarter, ofcs or tokens can be purchased by any person or company that wishes to do so, It is a direct investment, in which case there will be no financial education with the right to undermine, pre-mined tokens will already be included.

You have to understand what is an ICO, even if you circulate the private currency or you trade for goods and services, you must first go through private cycles, pre ico and ico which, at the end, passes to the open market.


The ico means the beginning of the exit on the public market, we do not get the currency anymore just by the distribution of onelife,


It is important that before you speculate or comment, that you know how an ICO works.


In comparison with traditional icos:

The first round would be a private stage,

The second pre-Ico cycle,

The third ico cycle and the market.



Patience and knowledge are vital to achieving goals.