Presentation of the Onelife ecosystem

What is Onelife?


Onelife is the first and largest financial education company with 7 financial education training modules in 5 different languages.


For each financial education pack purchased, the company offers free and promotional tokens,

Tokens to participate in the creation of the first private Cryptocurrency: The OneCoin


We are 3.6 million active members in the Onelife network!


The network's Dealshaker e-commerce platform already has more than 117,300 registered traders.


This is to say the global momentum that is created around the OneCoin ecosystem.


The company offers 4 different financial education packs, from 110 € to 5500 €

The financial education packs are accessible via the OneLife network.






Each pack gives you access to different modules of financial education, you receive with each level a fixed number of tokens and split (you can get a maximum of 7 split).


A split will allow you to double your tokens and maximize your OneCoin portfolio and thus allow you to increase your purchasing power.

An activation fee of € 30 is required for the purchase of the first pack.


OneLife's goal is to educate its members to understand finance and the economy by enabling them to participate in the manufacturing of OneCoin.


The relational marketing industry is used for its development and can reach everyone's sir and madam all over the world.






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Last edited: 08/02/2020