Onelife Member Gathering


The RMO association (OneLife Members Gathering) is a non-profit association

bringing together members, companies, leaders and managers within the same structure.

Let's improve communication, transparency and increase the strength of our ecosystem's development.



Join a strong associative network:

-RMO brings community members together.

*Individuals, professionals, leaders, executives.

*At the local, national, international level.

*In order to represent you in your best interests.


-Fostering the establishment of an ecosystem based on our crypto-money.

-Elaborate a demanding development strategy built for the short, medium and long term.

-Offering operational solutions and developing an efficient exchange network to serve your needs and rights. 


Be informed in priority:

-RMO is your best ally to analyze, act and shed light on this digital revolution.

-Inform about topics and issues of our crypto-money.


Benefit from a privileged access :

-Participate in association days, think tanks, make your voice heard.

-create spaces for exchange and conviviality.


Have a team at your disposal to listen to you:

-The entire RMO team is at your disposal to answer your questions and help you optimize your digital assets.

Last edited: 14/01/2020